As security for high tech buildings,  Static Guards are vetted by an Operations Manager, who has wealth of experience in this particular field.

Apart from the high standard of appearance which is maintained throughout the company, our Static Security Guards are trained in all aspects of static duties.

Our Static Security Officers are ideal for such duties as:-

1. Entrance and Exit Control for high security establishments/sites.

2. Building Sites, Leisure Centres, Exhibitions and shows where high profile security is essential.

3. Factories, Warehouses and Industrial Premises with main entrance exit control of vehicles and personnel.

4. Docks, Container Bases and Transport Centres where strict control of vehicle and personnel movement is required.

5. Car Showrooms and Commercial Premises where there is a high risk of theft or vandalism to property, vehicles and buildings.

All our Static Guards are proficient in the use of Radio Transmission relay units and all our subscribed telecommunications equipment.