The Benefits

Mobile Security Patrols are an effective way for companies to protect their business premises and at the same time they provide a less expensive alternative to hiring  static security personnel.

  • Criminal elements are much less likely to target your premises because they can never be sure when unpredictable random patrols will appear
  • Regular checks on your premises can also ensure that the threats of fire, flood and damage are significantly reduced
  • Our patrol vehicles are highly visible and distinctive
  • Our warning signs and boards on your premises also act as a deterrent to thieves and vandals in the area.
  • All of our mobile patrol security officers are fully trained and Security Industry Licence holders

Security Company Liverpool

Mobile Patrol Officers carry out a full external and internal [if applicable] inspection of your premises on every visit. They then report the appropriate information back to their Central Control Office. They will monitor your premises throughout their shift and will vary their routes and times to your premises, this will have the effect of greatly reducing the chances of break-in or vandalism to your property or buildings. The unit will visit your premises at a pre-determined number of times during their shift, this can vary from 1 visit per shift to a maximum of 6 visits.

If on arrival at your premises the officer finds any signs of ‘transgression’, by the way of forced illegal entry or damage to your property or buildings, the officer will inform the Police, Security Company Liverpool Control Centre and your designated company key-holders forthwith. The Patrol Officer will remain on the site until the arrival of the above mentioned people.

Our Patrol Officers carry with them a list of every Emergency Service such as:  Alarm Repairs, Boarding, Building Contractors, Electric & Gas Telephone Numbers, Glazing and Guarding Cover