Have Liverpool Council deployed security guards because of LIBRARY protest?

“We are just a group of people who want to save libraries – we won’t be storming any buildings”

Campaigners believe Liverpool City Council has brought in security guards at a local library because of their ongoing “peaceful protest.”

Protesters have been asked to take signs down from outside Sefton Park Library – where they have been demonstrating for the past year.


Now the group says a security guard has started patrolling the centre on the days when they regularly hold their quiet demonstrations. The group meet outside the Aigburth Road centre every Saturday – because they fear the library will either be closed or converted to house other facilities in the future.

Liverpool Council has committed to keeping all of its libraries – including Sefton Park – open until at least 2020, but there are suggestions it could be changed to include a private nursery after that. The authority said it had asked for the banners to be taken down because they have caused “unnecessary concern” among library users and staff.

A spokesman said: “The council has committed to keeping all of its libraries open until at least 2020 and this includes Sefton Park.

“A group of protesters were asked to remove banners from the railings outside Sefton Park Library as they have caused unnecessary concern among library users and our staff. The group agreed to a polite request from library staff to take them down.”

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The group has questioned why security guards have suddenly been put in place at the library around the same time as this request was made.

Susan Ferguson from Save Sefton Park Library said: “Over the past two weeks we have seen security guards based in the library.


There has never been a security guard at the library before – I’m not sure what they think we are going to do.

“We go to the library every Saturday and put banners up – the only time we go inside is to exchange our books.


“On Saturday we asked the security guard why he was there and he said it was for the security of the building.

“We are just a group of people who want to save libraries – we wouldn’t be storming any buildings.”

The council spokesman added: “Security staff pay periodic reassurance visits to our libraries and frontline public buildings.”

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